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William the Conqueror’s record of the land he acquired at the Battle of Hastings includes Wood Ditton, as it was originally known, although much of the history in the village takes life from the 17th Century.

Despite only being 3.5 miles from Newmarket, it is likely that Wood Ditton missed out on the relative economic boom following King James I’s visit to the town in 1605. At this time the town boasted a dozen “inns” for its resident community of 275! The village was largely dependent on agriculture until the mid-19th century, when Woodditton Stud was established (1851) – one of the greats, Pinza (1953 Derby winner) was bred there, stood there and is buried in the Cherry Tree Lawn.

The Three Black Birds, Woodditton

The Three Blackbirds pub has 1642 emblazoned above the front door – local gossip disputes whether this is a legitimate date stamp for the pub, but we’re believing it!
Chestnut purchased this wonderful property in August 2016, and following an extensive refurbishment re-opened in March 2017. Almost exactly one year later, the pub suffered a devastating fire – a shock to us, the community and our loyal guests.
March 2020 - The Three Blackbirds rises from the ashes having maintained its 17th century charm, whilst incorporating some 21st century features!
The old farmyard at the rear of the pub now incorporates The Barn, with nine bedrooms. The pub is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner – focusing on local produce from our award winning suppliers.

Thank you to Suffolk and Cambridgeshire fire crews for their work in March 2018, to the local trades people who have worked on the re-build and to the community for putting up with the disruption during the works.
We are back and grateful that our story continues!

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